Yoga lessons started

Karma yoga at Eco-Logic Yoga Retreat

The first yoga lessons with the official Eco-Logic Yoga Retreat Project have started! Danielle Urbanus gave her first yoga lesson on June 6th. 

Five students attended.


Teacher Danielle:

"It was a good lesson, the vibrations and atmosphere were good. I was a bit uncertain about my knowledge of English, but that was no problem at all. The students worked good and I hope they will continue to come in the following lessons".


Student Chislaine:

"I liked it. It was very nice to do and I was amazed by the things I already could do. This was my first yoga lesson and I will certainly do more lessons".


In yesterdays lesson we had volunteers of TCDF, a guest of TCDF Eco-Logic and volunteers of DinDang Natural Building participating.

There are also -careful- request from the local people if they can participate.


Danielle has 2 yoga lessons per day planned. In the morning at 6.30 and in the afternoon at 17.30. From Wednesday to Sunday you are all very welcome!


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