If I would tell you the following:

  • A good cause to support.
  • Located in the middle of the jungle. 
  • Mountains, rivers and waterfalls
  • Quiet.
  • Nature.
  • Wonderful people.
  • Great facilities
  • Beautiful location
  • Lovely guestrooms and bungalows
  • Easy to reach
  • Best slow food restaurant in PakSong
  • Yoga sala
  • Outdoor and indoor activities
  • Thailand

You would probably think: "WHERE IS THIS PLACE? LET'S GO THERE!"


And guess what?

You can!

Because I just described Eco-Logic, Resort for Charity.


And we are looking for people who would like to bring a small group of people (up to 10) to our small Eco-Logic Retreat, for workshops, seminars or wellness retreats.

We are looking for YOU!

So come with your yoga-, art-, meditation-, photography-, empowerment-, or social- events to Paksong!


And help us help the projects of the Thai Child Development Foundation.

Fill in the form for more information.

We will reply you as soon as possible!

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Eco-Logic Yoga Retreat is set up to support the projects of the Thai Child Development Foundation.

With your stay you support the foundation directly.



Nong Eef's yoga bags

Nong Eef

This is Nong Eef. She is one of the students of TCDF 's Special School.  Making yoga bags on the sewing machine is part of her vocational training. You can buy the yoga bags in our webshop and support Nong Eef and her friends!