Eco-Logic Yoga Retreat

Eco-Logic Yoga Retreat: Karma yoga @ a resort for charity

Yoga in the middle of the nature. Surrounded by rain forest and mountains.

Yoga classes, yoga vacations and yoga workshops for our guests and visitors.


KARMA YOGA is a term used a person who practices yoga and takes actions, not for his or her benefit, but to help others.


This is why we use the term Karma Yoga: with your stay and with practicing yoga in PakSong, you directly support the projects and the children of the Thai Child Development Foundation.


The resort:

In 2003 the Eco-Logic resort for Charity, is set up to support the projects of the Thai Child Development Foundation. Support with money, work, food and products from our gardens. And with activities and yoga arrangements.


Aim of the resort: to become self-sustainable.


We hope you will love this place and the nature around it as much as we do.