Eco-Logic: more then just a name

Rose and Ingrid
Ingrid and Rose, founders

Eco-Logic is not one thing! It is the name we use for a number of projects, all organised in the village of Paksong. Each project is set  to support the children and projects of the Thai Child Development Foundation.


Eco-Logic projects is an initiative of by Ingrid and Rose, the founders of the Thai Child Development Foundation. They are both from the Netherlands, and have been living with their families in Thailand since 2001. Eco-Logic Yoga Retreat and the Thai Child Development Foundation have a professional Thai staff.


Eco-Logic projects

Thai Child Development Foundation (TCDF)

Thai Child Development Foundation.

Supports children in need of medical care and education with several projects in Paksong, Thailand. Since 2004.

Eco-Logic, Resort for Charity

Eco-Logic , Resort for Charity

Riverside accommodation, a slow food restaurant. For tourists, families, backpackers, visitors, voluntourism and participants in the other Eco-Logic projects. Since 2003.