Yoga in the middle of the nature. Surrounded by rain forest and mountains. Close to the city of Ranong, in between the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand.


Marlene Parkes (South Africa)

Period: July 2017

My name is Marlene and I live in a small farming community about 70 kms outside Johannesburg, South Africa.


I have been involved in the fitness industry since my early 20’s, but it was only when I started practicing yoga 9 years ago, that I realised this is the journey I want to travel - this is the spiritual journey I have always wanted! Yoga changed, enriched and fulfilled my life and physically I am stronger, more flexible and healthier than I have ever been.


I teach a fusion of yoga disciplines, balancing the yang aspect of Vinyasa yoga with the restorative and meditative aspects of Yin Yoga.


I am a teacher and a lifelong learner – I continue to travel the path by attending teacher training courses, workshops, retreats and immersions in the various disciplines.


I invite you to join me on this journey!



Nancy Huettig (Germany)

Period: January, March, April & May 2017 (Ayurveda, Yoga & Nature retreat)

Nancy is Hatha Yoga teacher certified by Yoga Alliance, Reiki Master, Body Worker and Coach.


In her previous life Nancy was a Key Account and Sales Manager in Germany. She experienced how easy it is to end up in unbalanced lifestyle just focusing on business results but giving less attention in spiritual and personal growth. 

Nancy has found the spiritual guidance with Yoga and Meditation in combination with the nature and the holistic Ayurvedic sytsem of self-healing create the right balance, mindfulness and peace in her body, mind and spirit to reach her purpose in life with love, compassion and consciousness.


Her life transformed into more happiness, better health and observation to her body and deeper understanding and connection to herself.  She wants to reach out and share your knowledge with others. Her mission is  to empower and help people, who would like to make a change in their life, to step out of their comfort zone, allowing the magic to happen, living a healthy life by design with an abundance of love, happiness, satisfaction and gratitude aligned with their heart and to be in balance with body, mind and spirit.

Patrizia Sturm (Germany)

Period: January, March, April & May 2017 (Ayurveda, Yoga & Nature retreat)

Patrizia, a certified Vinyasa teacher, began practising Yoga as a way to find more balance in her life during her time at university.


Yoga led her on a journey of personal growth, which was - and still is - life-changing for her.


Through Yoga she learned the importance of being deeply connected to the body and breath and of practising self-love.



After developing a regular yoga practice she began to pay attention to her inner voice and allowed her heart to guide her. This gave her the courage to let go of old patterns and begin to live the life she wanted - one full of abundance, love and compassion. 

Carrie Clark (USA)

Karen Durham, yoga teacher @ Eco-Logic Yoga-retreat. July 2014

Period: February, August 2015

Carrie is a certified yoga teacher. She teaches Hatha yoga.

Next to yoga Carrie is a practitioner and teacher of Kungfu and T'ai Chi.


She organizes workshops and private sessions at Eco-Logic yoga retreat on these forms of exercise too with great success. 

Danielle Urbanus

Period: April, May

In daily life - private as well as in my work as an (floral) artist - I have always been looking for ways to stop the madness of the day and find stillness. Stillness in my mind to find balance between body and mind.

After years of intensive exercise I decided to concentrate on yoga and Pilates to train body and mind. Not only to train my body physically, but most of all I learned that yoga and Pilates had a very positive, relaxing and meditative influence on me.


Grounded; both feet on the 'mat' and down to earth, that is what yoga means to me.


I gain the balance I wanted, but also 'Sukha'; a sensation of wellness, contentedness and happiness.

This awareness made me curious to find out more, to develop myself more in this field, to grow.

My intention was to share my knowledge and experience on yoga with others.


That is why I decided to do an intensive yoga-teacher training in Thailand and a Thai Yoga Massage training.. 


And now: it is time to share this knowledge and experience!

Danielle is a yoga teacher with Eco-Logic on a yearly base since 2013.

Next to the regular and private yoga lessons, she organizes workshops on Mandala drawing and she has a retreat program in Paksong you can participate in: it's called  INTO THE CENTER.

Rebecca Wight (Australia)

Period: June, July 2015

Rebecca is a qualified Yoga Teacher.

She is  a very empathetic and caring person, energetic, focused and passionate about yoga and the way it can help people in many aspects of their life. She is able to communicate easily with people of all ages and nationalities, she loves children and can communicate easily with them.