Yoga in the middle of the nature. Surrounded by rain forest and mountains. Close to the city of Ranong, in between the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand.

Frequently asked questions (and answers)

General questions



Can my partner/family do other things then yoga or wellness?

Of course! We have a complete indoor- and outdoorprogram. 

From cookinglessons to bamboorafting, hiking or biking and more!


Do I need to pay your arrangement in advance?

Bookings can only be made via our booking system and require a full payment.


Can I pay with a creditcard?

Only if you pay via our booking system. On site we only take cash (Thai Baht).


What language is spoken at your retreat?

We speak mainly English with our guest.  And Thai of course.

On yoga and wellness

What is the price of a yoga-lesson?

Yoga lessons of one hour will cost you 200 Baht.

The money for the lesson is donated to the Thai Child Development Foundation.



Do I need to bring my own yoga mat?

We have yoga mats available for you.

If you like to use your own mat, you can of course.


What should I wear for a lesson or bring with me?

Wear comfortable clothes, that fit you losely and allows you to move comfortably. Sport trousers and a t-shirt are fine.

You do not need special shoes. Yoga is done bear feeted.


Is there a dressing room available?

No, please change into your yoga clothes in your bungalow or room before you come to the lesson.


What language is used during the lessons?

All lessons are done in English.


Can I do my lessons on different times, beside the ones you offer?

Of course you can, you have to contact the teacher for a private lesson then.

Better not to do your lessons if you just had a meal.


Should I bring water to the lesson?

It's better not to drink during the lesson.

It will disturb the energetic process in your body and it is distracting.

You can drink before or after the lesson if you like.


Some requests/advice concerning the yoga lessons.

Mobile phones

Turn mobile phones off before you participate in a lesson. Respect the silence. Better for your inner peace and that of your fellow participants.


Be on time!

Please arrive about 10 minutes before the start of the lesson. 


Health and injuries.

If you have specific health problems or injuries, please let your teacher know this beforehand.

This could be: high bloodpressure, neck or back problems, pregnancy and so on. If you have your period, please take it easy with some positions.

You are responsible for your own body and health, but the teacher can keep your body limititations in mind during the lesson.


Personal hygiene

Make sure you wear clean clothes and have a bath before you start your lesson. It is appreciated if you do not wear any parfume, it might disrupt your breathing or that of the other participants.


Listen to your body

Practicing yoga on a regular base will make your body more flexible and you will improve your general physical condition and energy flow.

You do not have to be the perfect yoga student!

Don't try to force yourself to certain positions if it is hard. Yoga is all about being there and getting there. Listen to your body, be patient and know your limitations.



If you do a yoga lesson with us, you are the sole responsible person for particpating. Eco-Logic Yoga retreat cannot be held responsible for any injuries or for your personal possesions.